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Storytelling is the narrative hook of your video, the common thread that will guide your viewer in understanding your message. In the context of marketing objectives, we call this the narrative arc that your video follows. The idea is to make the topic attractive to your audience by creating a more or less realistic storyline, and by favoring a tone that best serves the topic at hand. Emotion is the best vector to convince and create engagement. Narration can become the key to the success of your campaign.

What is a video storytelling?

A video storytelling is, as its name indicates, is content in which a story is told to the viewer. This story can talk about your company and your products, and uses the same storytelling codes as the ones we are used to seeing in advertising every day.
Storytelling videos are part of the spectrum of new forms of communication. Previously, the viewer was more sensitive to practical, direct and tangible information. Today, the audience is looking for emotion when they watch content… Looking for an experience. They will therefore find it touching to be told a story around a certain topic, especially in advertising, which is overly present on every media. Calling on our storytelling agency is therefore an excellent way to differentiate yourself, to leave a mark on your consumers, customers or employees if the objective is to brand your company.
By creating a corporate video, you will have content that allows you to highlight your concepts, your values, your offers and services in a subtle way.
Thanks to a film direction determined in pre-production by our filming teams (cameraman-directors, production managers, designer-writers, artistic directors, etc.), a product video will allow you to promote your messaging and reach your target audience.

How to make good video storytelling?

The tone and genre of the story are of paramount importance in storytelling content. Depending on the messages you want to convey, our storytelling agency will advise you to opt for a comic, dramatic, epic, sarcastic or even fantastic tone ! The meaning of the proposed story, the duration of the video and the artistic approach also have their role to play in the impact of your video on the public. They must be adapted to the broadcast of your video in order to correspond to the codes of the various communication media. A video “storytelling” for social media cannot be as long or as complex as a video broadcasted in pre-roll, on TV, or in movie theaters for example.
It is in this type of content that we call upon audiovisual professionals such as actors, scriptwriters, sound engineers, drone pilots, make-up artists, hairdressers… As for the actors, they can bring a real advantage to the visibility of your storytelling video : the more famous the actor, the more the video will catch the audience’s attention !

The Peech Studio bonus tip : “Act to shine! This is the real “plus” of the storytelling format: push the creativity of your scenario to its maximum, dare to be offbeat so that your message resonates loudly, while differentiating yourself from traditional communications.”