At Peech Studio, we’ve been helping organizations design and produce video content since 2014. We work to make our clients’ video communication campaigns impactful and unique, from our Parisian agency. Also located in Belgium and India, we are committed to building a long-lasting relationship of trust with our clients, to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, both in France and on an international level.

Creativity Peech Studio
Creativity every step of the way

We are convinced that the success of a video project is primarily linked to the creativity poured into it. We put a lot of energy and give special attention to the design phase that initiates each of our projects and defines the direction of our videos.

Collaborative work Peech Studio
Collaborative work

We provide you with a collaborative tool that allows you to interact with our teams throughout the project in a seamless way. We also organize creative workshops that allow you, depending on the project, to take part in the design work with our teams.

Collaborative work Peech Studio
More than 500 satisfied clients

Since 2014, we have successfully partnered with more than 500 companies from various sectors and of all sizes: major accounts, startups, SMEs, agencies, etc.

Team of Talents Peech Studio
A Talented Team

Our talented team, all experts in their fields, will be brought in to work on your projects :

Copywriters, Art Directors, Animators, Camera operators, Producers, Illustrators, Customer Success Managers, Motion Designers, etc.

Video expert Peech Studio
Video experts

Whether it is motion design, employee portraits, scripted films, customer testimonials or even web or TV spots, we have the expertise to produce any type of video, and we put it all at your disposal to produce the best content for you.

3000 videos Peech Studio
More than 3000 videos produced

We are proud to have helped our clients produce more than 3,000 videos, in various styles, languages, formats (16/9, vertical, square) and for multiple distribution channels (web, screens, television, replay, cinema, etc.)

Schedule Peech Studio
We respect your time

We provide you with a precise schedule adapted to your deadline right from the very beginning of your project.

No limitation Peech Studio
Unlimited Feedback

We allow our clients to give us feedback at every stage of the production process and do not limit the number of times.

We will implement all of your requests to ensure that we produce a video that perfectly meets your expectations.

Price fixed Peech Studio
A price defined from the start

Once the scope of the service is defined at the beginning of the project, the budget is fixed and will not change throughout the production process.