Company presentation

The company video, commonly called institutional or corporate film, allows the transmittal of the essence of a company to all types of targets. It is a format that suits a wide variety of organizations and is therefore very popular. The corporate video allows highlighting of the products or services offered, the types of customers who trust it, the employees who are part of it… All this while meeting many communication objectives!

Why make a corporate video?

The corporate video can be imagined in a multitude of different ways, although it is preferable if it is not too long (generally between 1 and 2 minutes). You’ll probably say: “How can we show all the values, the structure, the processes, the customers and employees in such a short time ?” The answer is rather simple: if you remain general and concise, if you avoid “too much detail”, you can be relatively comprehensive !
You just have to carefully select the essential and differentiating messages that you want to promote to your target audience, and it will work. You have to see the corporate video as a showroom for your previous customers or your prospects : they can discover your universe, the atmosphere, the main services or products you offer. This is what makes them want to get in touch with your organization, and to know more : Think of it as a preview, a teaser.

How to make a corporate video ?

Next, you have to determine the visual content of this corporate video ! Depending on the industry of the company and the information that needs to be communicated, you have various choices :

  • Showcasing the premises, factories, equipment, production lines to speak more about the production environment and make a product video.
  • Focusing on the teams, the company’s departments to describe the organization and the work methodology, will work great for service companies.
  • Presenting the values and history of an organization through images and videos captured over the years is very effective.
  • Talking about the industries and types of customers that need the services proposed by the company will help facilitate the identification of new prospects.

And there are many more ways to talk about you and your products !
Another important thing is the way the information is conveyed on screen. The choice of the voice that carries the messages is therefore crucial. You can opt for a professional voice-over artist with a tone adapted to the corporate world, which will add a dynamic and engaging sound for a corporate video. You can also accentuate the human aspect and the embodiment of the messages by calling on managers, executive directors or employees to participate in the corporate video. Employees performing a voice-over or even being in front of the camera is a great idea, because in the end : Who can speak best about your organization, if not its members ?

The Peech Studio bonus tip : “Complement your visual communication with the help of video databases! It can sometimes be difficult to film certain situations, especially with customers, which can interfere with the meaning of the corporate video. It is therefore possible to support certain messages in the script with royalty-free videos that will perfectly fit your organization’s universe and industry.”