Film Peech Studio

Discover our live video production that offers an opportunity to present yourself on the set of an interview, the filming of a company event, the presentation of your company or products. What is the main advantage of filmed video ? Through the images, emotion are conveyed more efficiently, which will help get your message across to your target audience with something tangible, something real.

It’s question time with video interviews

This is one of the most efficient ways of capturing the viewer’s attention, and one of the most popular formats on social media. Understandably, as when someone is speaking to us, even in front of a camera, we are inevitably intrigued by what they have to tell us ! So, whether you choose a customer testimonial, an employee interview or even a street interview, the video interview format can cover a wide range of subjects, with an extra touch of authenticity.


Interview Peech Studio

Tell your story with a storytelling video

The tone of a video is often the key to its success, which is why storytelling is a very efficient way to reach your target. With a storytelling video, you can bring nuance and subtlety to the message you want to convey. We will work on a script with an aspirational, entertaining, epic or even dramatic tone, and combine it with beautiful images, so that your video becomes a strong communication asset supporting your image.



Welcome home !

A company is an organization with its own values, ambitions, customers, employees, products and services. Talking about it through a real video that presents all of this is in a relevant way to meet multiple communication objectives: prospecting for new customers, reassuring existing ones, recruiting new employees, announcing future projects…


Company presentation

Showcase your main asset !

This is the foundation of advertising: presenting the products that your company designs, produces or sells. All these phases are relevant to highlight in order to allow your prospects to understand and picture the product ranges you offer. To serve this objective, we’ll design for you a video that highlights your products in the context of their use, and in a more subjective universe.


Présentation produit Peech Studio