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Imagine all the possibilities for creating short, impactful and efficient content that our snack content agency offers you! To sharpen your communication on Social Media and television, browse our wide content offers, that can be adapted to all your targets and media.

Small screen, real impact !

The efficiency of TV spots is well established. Designing your message and your video with the intention of including a TV broadcast is a real added value to your video campaign, which will resonate both online and on TV screens. A multichannel broadcast ensures that you reach the right people at the right time. Let our experts guide you through all aspects of this format: design, production, certification and the technical aspects of TV broadcasting.


Spot TV

Content to be enjoyed without moderation

Snack content was born from the emergence of advertising on Social Media. Whether you’re making a video for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or TikTok, you have to think of this specific content as a treat: a little candy that you keep craving for more you have tasted it. Adapting the format of your video to your social networks is essential for efficient snack content: this means adapting both the size (stories, square, banners, etc.) and duration (pre-roll, ads, teaser, etc.). From a single video ad, a multitude of variations can be created, thus turning your video into a strong communication lever !


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