Le screencast - Peech Studio

Screencasting essentially means doing a video recording of a screen. This technique is similar to screen sharing, which is widely used by companies on a daily basis in order to share precise information on the functioning of a tool, a platform or the presentation of certain topics. It is therefore a useful solution to bring realism to video content, which can be easily integrated like a tutorial in a motion design.

What is a screencast ?

Presenting your website, your software, your application, your SaaS or Intranet platform can be really useful, especially for digital companies. What better way to convince a customer to start using your tool than to show them directly what they could do and how to use it ?
Integrating a recording of a screen into an animated video (just like in a real video) is the solution to this objective ! In addition, screencasts also serve a instructional purpose, which is often a secondary objective of such presentations.
How are screencasts made ? t’s quite intuitive: you just have to record the screen on which you share the elements you want to integrate to the motion design video, thanks to a variety of software that offer this feature, sometimes even directly from the “screen capture” tool of your computer. You will then have to send us the video files, and we will make the necessary cuts, blurs? and edits to broadcast the screencast.
Our creative teams will then integrate the screencast to the desired scenes of the motion design video. The great thing is that we can integrate the screencast into a variety of environments. It can of course be inserted into a computer screen, a phone, a tablet, a television or even a video projection canvas, but you can also think outside the box. Why not embed your screencast on a building, a window, a book, an old TV set or let it float in the background ? That’s what we love about motion design: you can imagine and illustrate just about anything.
For those who don’t know or don’t have the time to record their screen by themselves, do not worry : Peech Studio can take care of everything ! All you need to do is give us access information and instructions on what you want to record, and we’ll do the screencast for you, before integrating it into the video. Our animation studio is here to guide you through the entire process of creating and producing your animated video while integrating a screencast, so that you have minimal effort to get impactful, efficient and useful video content that meets your marketing, branding and training objectives.

The Peech Studio bonus tip: “Consider adding a voice-over to facilitate the understanding of your platform or tool presentation with a screencast. To clarify or explain certain points while making the video more dynamic, a voiceover is a major asset! And for maximum clarity, you can also add keywords and additional information directly into the video and link them to the screencast with arrows and other graphic elements.”