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It is everywhere ! Your intended audience will be drawn in to this video format that adapts to all distribution channels, on the Internet as well as on the various media we browse on a daily basis. Making a motion design video is guaranteed to creating content in your image, consistent with the codes of your visual communication, while adding the creativity of our talents, to reach all your objectives!

Why make a motion design video ?

Nowadays, video animation is an essential part of the communication strategy of organizations. Creating a motion design video animation means offering content that is both entertaining and educational, and that can be adapted to your targets and objectives. There are many different styles of motion design, and it is easy to find one that suits you ! When you come to us with your animated video project in mind, we will recommend a motion design graphic universe in line with your objectives and distribution channels. Our team will send you references and all you’ll have to do is tell us if you prefer flat design, isometry, shape design, outline, collage or a mix of these different types of motion design animations. The mood boards and visual inspiration of our art direction will help you to keep informed during the design process while waiting for the final result.

Motion design animation as a communication tool

The other advantage of a motion design video is that you can animate 2D characters ! Representing your collaborators, users, customers in a video is a real asset that allows your target audience to relate easily. You can also envision a mascot to create a corporate video. Being more or less realistic, the characters created facilitate understanding and help make your animated video universal. For even more realism, our motion design agency works on the smallest details of your characters, up to the lipsync : the synchronization between the movement of the lips and the voice of the characters. Audio elements such as music, voice-over and sound design immerse the viewer in your universe and facilitate their immersion in the heart of the subject.
The video scenery can either be as close to reality as possible with 3D animation, or abstract. The key being to make sure that the message is understood and consistent with your communication objectives.
A motion design video allows you to efficiently develop your external marketing communication, of course, but also to meet your employer-brand missions for the recruitment of new employees. It is the ideal medium to broadcast your messages internally, for training, or the announcement of directives within the organization.

The Peech Studio bonus tip: “Choose a familiar and consistent environment for your video. This facilitates identification with the content and makes the motion design animation remain relevant and representative of your company for as long as possible. For the characters, think about everything that corresponds to your organization and share your thoughts with us, so that we can make a 100% customized proposal that your target will naturally relate to!”