Spot TV

An advertising spot is a relevant way to reach a large or targeted audience, depending on your objectives. Indeed, depending on the channel and the broadcasting time, you can reach precisely the target you are interested in. Of course, the content of your advertising film must be very attractive so that it leaves a lasting impression. That’s why Peech Studio’s talented team is here tosupport you with all their skills.

An advertising campaign can easily be extended to a television format to increase its impact and visibility. In the context of a TV commercial project, our teams anticipate, from the design stage, the specificities and constraints related to such a broadcast, and ensure your video meets all the requirements.
These requirements include the format, which must have precise dimensions to be correctly displayed, and the duration of the video, which cannot exceed the time planned with the TV advertising network. The TV “specs” also refer to the legal requirements for this medium, the image quality, the broadcasting rights of the image or music chosen, and the approval of the video content for television. Our video experts will make all the artistic and technical recommendations related to the broadcasting of your TV ad.
TV commercial for your corporate video can be the trigger for your consumers to make a purchase: it is a preferred medium to boost your sales. Coupled with a complementary communications on your Social Media, the TV commercial is a real added value to your marketing campaign.
Your TV commercial is a stimulus for the audience, who is confronted with a high number of advertising content as soon as they turn on their TV set. This is why it is necessary to design unique content, with originality, rhythm, and a story that breaks free from the classic codes of advertising. You can’t present a product on television in the same way as you would on a trade show or on the Internet.
The Peech Studio team will be at your side to create engaging video storytelling for your viewers, to make sure your messages are perceived in the smoothest way possible, all while differentiating you from other ads with creativity!

The Peech Studio bonus tip: “A TV commercial can be adapted to fit perfectly on Social Media and thus allow you to have a multi-channel campaign. If a TV spot is generally no longer than 30 seconds, its version for Social Media can last longer. Many brands, such as Intermarché, Decathlon or Apple, adapt their video spots and tailor the storytelling to each broadcast medium. Peech’s teams are used to working with these variations, and will make sure your video content has the maximum impact, on every medium!”