L'infographie animee - Peech Studio

The most efficient way to make your messages more understandable, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones ! Upgrade your presentation materials to make all your topics simple and clear, and persuade all your targeted audiences. Animated infographics bring text and images to life, so that your video illustrates your message in the best possible way, and with a dynamic design for the viewer.

The video infographic is a top choice to simplify your most technical topics: processes, data, balance sheets while still captivating your audience. Our 2D animation studio works closely with you to make the key elements of your projects accessible to each of your targets. Responding to a variety of communication objectives, animated infographics can be adapted to a number of media and formats, and are the perfect answer for those looking for efficiency.
Explaining the functioning of a product, a production methodology, the ins and outs of a project, can quickly become a real headache. The technical aspects, the jargon specific to your field or the large amount of information can make the matter obscure and vague for your targeted audience. Animated infographics are the most relevant way to popularize these topics and meet your business and marketing objectives. A strong prescence on social media, this format is also extremely effective for customer meetings, trade shows and events.
Imagine arriving in front of a potential prospect, used to presentations and other product brochures, and showing them everything your company offers with a dynamic, personalized and punchy video. The effect will be just as effective if you are explaining your work processes to new employees or providing information at your trade show booth.
A real engagement generator, this motion design animation format is perfect for your Inbound Marketing, and becomes a practical and efficient sales tool for your customers.
The aesthetics of the video infographic is very helpful to the understanding of your messages. It is possible to integrate elements such as photos, videos, 3D animation graphics and to create customized symbols and pictograms so that viewers understand the subject at a glance The addition of a voice-over and keywords to support and detail your words can be beneficial to deciphering the subject The animation of the text elements can be created in perfect harmony with your corporate identity, and the fonts based on your existing communication assets or be newly created specifically for the video. Tell us about your goals, we will animate them in computer graphics.

The Peech Studio bonus tip: Animated infographics are the ideal tool to anchor your company’s graphic universe ? In people’s minds. Styling the video infographic in the colors of your organization will subtly infuse the content with your identity. When broadcasting at a trade show, it’s smart to mix your company’s visual identity with that of the event in the design of the animation, so that the video integrates seamlessly with the environment of its broadcast, thus killing two birds with one stone !