La vidéo 3D - Peech Studio

3D animation video is the most elaborate graphic style in animated video today. By modeling the elements of your video in 3 dimensions, you reach the highest level of realism in terms of animation. The graphic environment and the movements recreated in 3D immerse the viewer in your universe so that your messages are the most impactful.

3D animation, a real communication asset

Calling on our 3D animation studio means taking your communication to a higher level. More technical and advanced than 2D animation, 3D animation is optimal to allow the viewer to imagine the volumes of elements in the video. To create a 3D motion design, our animation studio models the subjects of the video and integrates them into an ultra-realistic environment. This format is perfectly suited to product video, and there are no limits! Once modeled, we bring the video elements to life, so that they help deliver your message, whether you want to talk about new technologies, industrial tools or even rocket launches. 3D video is the most successful solution to talk about your most technical topics and concepts with a high degree of realism. This type of motion design combines both aesthetics and an educational approach… for a complete immersion of the viewer.

Why choose a 3D animation studio ?

3D also allows for a great deal of creative freedom in the arrangement of shots. While shooting a real video involves a certain number of technical constraints, 3D animation offers a vast choice in terms of filmmaking. Our talented team easily integrates camera movements that are precisely chosen, such as tracking shots, 360° or omniscient shots to immerse the viewer in the video as if they were there. And, to refine the finesse of the 3D motion design, our team of animators fine-tune the smallest details: reflections and lighting, transparency and light effects, texture and grain of the image.

The Peech Studio bonus tip : “Think of 3D video as a real lever to persuade your target audience during prospecting or financing campaigns. Indeed, if your project is still in the development phase, 3D will allow you to shape it, to give it life as close as possible to what you are wanting to communicate !”