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In marketing, the first thing to do in a communication strategy is to highlight what an organization offers to its customers. Whether it’s goods or services, it’s essential to show your customers (active or potential ones) what you have to offer! A product presentation video allows you to translate your added value in your industry into images, while creating interest among your prospects!

The product video, a new asset of corporate videos

A product presentation video is a dynamic and engaging resource that addresses your targets. In your marketing tools, it allows you to bring life to a presentation brochure, a PowerPoint presentation or a demonstration that may sometimes be difficult to organize in real life, thanks to 3D animation.
During events such as trade shows or meetings, it can be interesting to bring in a visual communication such as a product presentation video.
This type of corporate video allows you to show your products in their natural context of use and demonstrate how they work. You may sometimes even show the manufacturing process up to the final use. Product videos can also highlight the user experience, so that your prospective clients project themselves using the product.
Product videos also allow you to show the actual dimensions of your product, while embedding it in its environment of use.

How to make an impactful product presentation video ?

The setting you choose for the product video must also make sense. Depending on your target industry, you should choose the most attractive setting possible. Your potential users should be able to imagine themselves experiencing your product in the blink of an eye. This seems logical, we would hardly see a presentation of a lawnmower indoors or show a website in a bathroom ! The chosen decor can, however, be abstract, if your product can be used in a wide variety of contexts. This will allow you to appeal to a maximum number of people while helping them identify use.
You can also support the images of the product presentation video with an explanatory voice-over, which will detail or clarify certain points of operation of the product. Whether the product demonstration is ultra-realistic or relatively conceptual with a motion design video, the main point is that your messages should be easily understandable. What does this product do, for whom, in what context, and what differentiates it from similar products ? These questions are a good basis for the brief that you may send our teams for the production of the product video !

The Peech Studio bonus tip : “Dress your video with graphic elements ! To make your video efficient, it is ideal to opt for a graphic design that shows keywords appearing. This way, you can lighten the voice-over, while keeping a maximum amount of information on the screen. Dimensions, advantages, technical characteristics, a large number of messages can be transmitted visually thanks to the inlay of keywords. Moreover, if your video is shown in store, at a trade show, or during an event, you can highlight the specifics of your product even with no sound. This is a good way for your users to understand what they stand to gain by choosing your product.