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A testimony in front of the camera allows you to embody the messages you want to convey to your audience. The interview format creates a feeling of closeness with the viewer, and helps the content take on a much more human dimension than a voice-over actor reading a script. The recording of your interview allows your spokesperson to broadcast their speech: as a spokesperson, allowing them to share information and values of your organization.

What is a video interview?

When someone addresses us directly, in real life or on video, they necessarily pique our curiosity: what do they have to tell us, how are they going to do it, what arguments will they use? The viewer has a naturally attracted to listento an interview where the speaker is visible, identifiable and relevant.
To leverage this curiosity, it is important to create a graphic design that matches the tone of the speech, to support the video interview. It allows the viewer to make logical connections between the messages, the type of subject addressed, and the speaker, which provides a context that facilitates the understanding of the interview. Adding key words, subtitles and motion design illustration shots to the interview therefore helps support the messages of the video interview.
It is also essential to conceptualize the recording according to how it will be broadcasted: indeed, an interview that will be broadcasted on your website should not be conceived like an interview shared on social media. Peech Studio’s production teams are here to recommend the most suitable format for your broadcasting media, in order to respect the standards and communication norms of this media.

What types of video interview should I choose?

There are 2 types of video interviews that are mainly used by brands :
Customer testimonials: which bring a lot of credibility to the company. For a customer to agree to testify about their experience, they must be genuinely satisfied to the point of wanting to talk about it! This format gives added weight to the opinionof those who use your products or services. It is even possible to imagine a cross-interview between you and one of your customers to show your potential prospects the added value of a collaboration with you.
Employee portraits: this style of interview is perfect for recruitment or employer branding objectives. Ask some of your employees to explain, on camera, their daily life in your company. They can explain the missions they are entrusted with on the job, talk about the people they work with, the advantages and satisfaction of working for the company, and highlight the atmosphere that prevails. They, then, become the spokespersons of your company’s values, and will allow future candidates to better identify themselves and envision themselves in a job. This type of video interview can also be used to talk about a training course, an event, or a new product!
On a practical level, Peech Studio’s teams will assist you with the concept of your interview, the preparation of the interview topics, the organization of the shooting, the recording of the video and the entire post-production of your content.

The Peech Studio bonus tip: “Prepare for the interview with your speaker by sharing the questions and shooting recommendations that we send you. This will allow him/her to anticipate the answers and avoid a memory lapse on the day of the recording. For an even more lively effect and if the interviewee is comfortable in front of the camera, you can imagine a dynamic testimony, with the main character in action, working, making a visit…”