Livestreaming - Peech Studio

The digital world has had to adapt, in recent years, to the contexts and issues of transition in our lifestyles. Because of these mutations, live streaming has been propelled to the forefront of direct communication, as teleworking and distance sometimes make exchanges and gathering of audiences complex. Live Streaming is everywhere: on TV, on social medias, on collaborative platforms,… So why not try live streaming for your next conference, webinar or corporate event ?

Broadcast your events and conferences live

Live streaming is the new generation of digital events! Thanks to tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can organize live events with a large number of people. Peech Studio takes care of everything: the creation of the video elements that will energize the content of your event, the preparation, the realization, the broadcasting of the live event, as well as its reworking in post-production to create a content available in replay.
Live streaming can be thought of in two distinct formats :

Live capture

During a real event, the need to broadcast live conferences or workshops can be important. At Peech Studio, our teams can help you with all of these livestreaming issues: we are present at the event to capture and broadcast the conference live. Our live agency gives you all the keys to make your digital event fully merge with reality and resonate at the heart of your organization’s digital ecosystem. Broadcasting live is a way to ensure that the audience is captivated and to create real added value.

The digital live stream

Organizing a 100% digital event is an excellent bet ! It’s the assurance to gather all your interlocutors and to allow a fluid exchange while avoiding the hazards of live streaming. Our team will guide you through the process of the live event and will take care of its entire realization. On the d-day, you just have to let yourself be guided by our production managers in the control room and watch the magic of the live event take place. We broadcast the live event and work on it in post-production, in order to turn it into a replay video or a clip to create a video return on event.
As you can see, livestreaming is a great way to anchor your communication in the heart of digital and reach all your targets at the right place, at the right time.

Peech Studio tips: The key to a successful live show is anticipation. Who hasn’t heard a TV presenter say “These are the hazards of live streaming” ? Our teams are committed to making your livestream event a unique moment that reflects you. The preparation of the live event with the production team is therefore a key phase where our seasoned experts are attentive to the constraints and needs of the event, to prepare for any eventuality. To put an end to failed screen sharing and turned off microphones, our talents have already thought of everything !